Matthias Arbter

…is a guitarist and music teacher. Besides his educational work he focuses on contemporary music. He performs as a soloist and in different ensembles. Currently he is finishing his master’s studies in contemporary music at Musikhochschule Trossingen with Tillmann Reinbeck.

Phileas Baun

Based in Basel, Switzerland, Phileas Baun is working as a freelance musician. In 2021, he initiated and partly conceptualized an interdisciplinary post grad study in cooperation with the MAB (Musikakademie) and HGK (Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst) in Basel, which he is currently part of as project managing student. Phileas Baun is an active musician in both solo and chamber music. His practices reach from classical to contemporary music and beyond, having performed as soloist with numerous orchestras (Kammerorchester Basel, Junge Sinfoniker Frankfurt et al.) as well as at various festivals (Donaueschinger Musiktage, ZeitRäume Basel, et al.). His special interest lies in the realization of interdisciplinary projects, most recently with the production of the solo performance „DISORDER“, combining solo works for classical guitar, experimental sound scapes and multiple screens and projectors on stage to create a work of art beyond any perception of genre.

Florin Emhardt

… is currently studying classical guitar at Trossingen University of Music with Jinhee Kim. 
In addition to his focus on contemporary music, his musical experience spans from playing classical solo guitar and chamber music to performing in various pop/rock/jazz ensembles. He is involved in the department of Jazz/Pop at Trossingen University of music as an accompanist. 
After finishing his studies in music education in 2021, he is now exploring acoustic and electric guitar instruments in educational contexts. 

Robert Menczel

… is a freelance guitarist, improviser and composer specialized in experimental music. He is writing and producing electroacoustic music for chamber music, dance performances and short movies, and performing solo shows with acoustic guitar and live-electronics. As a chamber musician he is invited by different freelance ensembles (Ensemble Recherche, Ensemble s c o p e, …), recently for Festival ULTRASCHALL 2022 in Berlin. He finished his studies with a Master’s degree in musical and interdisciplinary creation (CoPeCo), a progam with four half-year residencies in the conservatories of Tallinn, Stockholm, Lyon and Hamburg.

Marius Schnurr

… performs with classical and electric guitar, electric bass and electronics as a soloist and chamber musician. While also exploring the classical repertoire, he’s focused on contemporary music and lesser known works. He is regularly invited to play with different ensembles (Delirium Ensemble, Basel Sinfonietta, Ensemble Phoenix) with whom he premiered works by various composers. Besides performing, he currently works as a guitar teacher and is active in pedagogical research projects.