A collectively composed and staged concert for five (electric) guitarists and VJ about the influence of electricity on the creation, performance and reception of music. A wild and abstract collage of classical guitars, metal riffs, beats and soundscapes to artistically reflect on the power consumption of cultural events.

The program follows a linear compositional concept – with each of the six scenes, the sound of the group gradually becomes more electronic, culminating in a musical  “blackout” and a grand rock music finale on four electric guitars and electric bass. In the process, the ensemble constantly plays with the listener’s expectations of the different instruments.

The Austrian video artist Fabian Schober developed a digital stage design for BLACKOUT in collaboration with the ensemble. He is part of the performance and reacts to the music with his projections.

Previous Performances:
13.05.23, Kapuziner Kreativzentrum, Ravensburg
20.05.23, Kartonagenfabrik Birk, Trossingen
02.06.23, Festival MOSTRA SONORA, Sueca (Spain)

photos: Mostra Sonora Sueca